I like to eat noodles and drink horchata ~[ Icon is not mine it's by namie. ]

kh 2.8 is almost here!

Kingdom hearts 2.8 is near for japan, and the world. ^^


I can't wait to play as aqua, am so excited for the release of 2.8, though, i will have to avoid spoilers. 

Am wishing the best for this game. Am sure everyone will like it. 

Also last week in my city, it snowed.

It's snowing, and there's more. ( // > b < //)

It was fun, we spent are day inside, all warm. 

Today, I finally got my sora Keychain in the mail. 

It's so cute and small.

Look who finally arrived. > v < ) it's so small. #KINGDOMHEARTS #Sora