I like to eat noodles and drink horchata ~[ Icon is not mine it's by namie. ]

2.8 yes!

Just got the kingdom Hearts 2.8, and am so excited to play it. I also stoped by gamestop and they had a robin amino so I bought it before it sold out. There so hard to find now a days. 

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march march!! Keychain

Timothy Mouse Keychain's am making for people that are going to the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra world tour this year. Once there done all be posting, the image on my private twitter,  to see how many I should make, them for. 


Am also planning on making chirithy pins for close friends.  To take with me. ^^ 

All post more info, about that later on. 



.. my head..

I've decided to go in to a hiatus, for a while.  With my art.. i wont be posting anything unless, I feel like it.  I've been going through this mental issues since last year, and it's afected my art.  i cant draw alot anymore..

It's emotionally and physically painful.  

And i just don't know what to do. ..

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kh 2.8 is almost here!

Kingdom hearts 2.8 is near for japan, and the world. ^^


I can't wait to play as aqua, am so excited for the release of 2.8, though, i will have to avoid spoilers. 

Am wishing the best for this game. Am sure everyone will like it. 

Also last week in my city, it snowed.

It's snowing, and there's more. ( // > b < //)

It was fun, we spent are day inside, all warm. 

Today, I finally got my sora Keychain in the mail. 

It's so cute and small.

Look who finally arrived. > v < ) it's so small. #KINGDOMHEARTS #Sora


#happynewyear #2017 #KINGDOMHEARTS


Happy New Year!! 

Since this is the year of KINGDOM HEARTS 'S 15TH ANNIVERSARY, an starting it off, right with kh x chi.



Bought the new outfit, and changed to my Timothy Mouse outfit, since the concert is coming soon as well. ^^ 

Well everyone enjoy the rest of the first day of the new year, have fun. 


2016 ➡ 2017

2016 Was a shit year, for me, it started bad then okay then shit, and it ended okay but still shitty. 


But this year am going to do the best I can, to move forward,  to go 2 college and to keep a well balanced bank account.  ^^ 



Am going to do my best, and thats what important!! My move is coming up soon and I hope it goes well. 


All be posting stuff more this year, as I have a trip for 2 days to meet with family coming up. So am looking forward to that.  


I hope everyone had a good new year's,  and let's hope it stays good. ^^ 


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So I watched the newest bee and puppycat episodes. ; ^ ; ) and my heart was not ready .  


The shipping moments were adorable. #beeandpuppycat


Though . . the ending . . was very heart wrecking. 


And when decker left . .. well..

So, I know he still loves bee deeply, it doesn't matter if she's a human robot or what ever. He just wants her to be see her happy. 



So now, am super excited for season 2. as well as me wanting answer if, what is bee exactly ? 

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