I like to eat noodles and drink horchata ~[ Icon is not mine it's by namie. ]

life update 3

Well i though the year wasnt going to get worse but i ended up in the hospital, DACA is getting removed cause of how shit this goverment is ( the government has always been kinda shitty but, this year they take the prize for being worst then ever. ) and my debt is just slowly back up again. 


Am under a lot of stress..sigh..


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went to chucky chesse yesterday. It was nice. 

Also i cant wait to get my splatoon bags this week. ' v ')

Got a chance to hang out with my lil sis, it was fun. We went to plaza mariachi, and ate publix chicken if you never tried it your missing out. There chicken is yummy. ♡


shes so silly. XD cant wait to hang out with her again. 



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life update 2

i finally got a job. *cries*

All be working at a kroger near my friends house. Am so glad i found one. ; ; ) tommorrow is my first day am a little nervous but all do my best! 

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The week is almost over and ive sent out at least over 50 aplications and still nothing.. am very nervous about this now, this is why i hate about looking for a job, sometimes they just keep your application in the back and never look at. Its really stressfull especially in the summer.


All keep looking until, i finally get one. 


Life update..


So on june 31th i was kicked out of my moms house. 


Its been a stressfull week. Am currently living with a friend but finding work has been hard ever since i was forced to quit my old job, by my mom. 


Am forever grateful to my friend for letting me stay with her, but if i dont get a new job before these next 20 days, i will be kicked out once more. 


In all honest am scared, but i have to stay strong. 

Wish me luck..

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Finally played splatoon!! Ive been wanting to play since it came out. 


Its lots of fun!! 

Sadly i dont have enough for a switch, or all be playing the 2nd one, as well

But either way, am super excited, for 2. 

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no kh concert..

sadly I wont be able to attend the kh concert, I've been having to pay my medical bill's since I've been very sick these last few past 3 months. 

I've been in the emergency room 3 times this month, so there's that to.

Am back from the hospital again, am doing better, then earlier, but sadly they told me not to go to work for the next 2 days, i need to get well and recover.

... am back in the hospital again... sigh.. am doing okay.


Am still a little sad, I won't be able to attend but am glad, that person is able to go. 

I hope they enjoy the concert very much , & I hope I can get better soon. 

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