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I like to eat noodles and drink horchata ~ 

.. well MTAC is officially over, and it was fun, but, because i was sick most of the time, i wasn't able to fully enjoy it. Overall though, it was okay. I still wish they had a bigger area. It was crowded. 

I did get edea's voice actors autograph!

I also got, a lot of okay goodies.  ^^




Was at the hospital 2 days ago, cause I wasn't doing so well, and today my stomach is hurting.; ; ) 

I hope I get better soon, since MTAC is only a day away. ..


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Arcylic charm prototype's arrived, and I was super pleased with the results,  am hoping, to be able to make another one before I place a big order. 


Finally got my chirithy few weeks ago!

Also finally played kh 2.8 it was heart breaking but wonderfull at the same time!

Drawing I decided not to add to the kairi fanbook book😧

Am thinking of making more of a kairi scrapbook,  kinda thing, not sure yet, though.  


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Every now, an then..

I wonder, how close are we to the world ending. . 


Am just curious.. sigh.. 

2.8 yes!

Just got the kingdom Hearts 2.8, and am so excited to play it. I also stoped by gamestop and they had a robin amino so I bought it before it sold out. There so hard to find now a days. 

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